Managing People in Sport Organisations

Main Topics of Study:

Strategic human resource management (SHRM)

  • Identify the origins of (SHRM) and how it relates to management in practice
  • Understand the differences between HRM and SHRM
  • Understand the importance of SHRM as an internal process
  • Describe a model of SHRM and identify the key elements of SHRM’S good practice
  • Link the SHRM and sport organisation performance

Human resource planning and strategy

  • Explain the process of HR planning for future organisational requirements
  • Describe the process of job analysis
  • Outline the key components of job description and different approaches to job design
  • Link HR planning to sporting organisational goals

Recruitment and selection for sport organisations

  • Understand the strategic importance of recruitment, selection, and placement to an organisation
  • Understand the links between recruitment and selection and other HRM activities
  • Describe different trends, sources and methods for generating a pool of job applicants
  • Understand a variety of selection techniques and the advantages and disadvantages of each

Training and development in sport organisations

  • Articulate the significance of training and development in sport organisations
  • Understand the aims of employee and volunteer learning
  • Explain the training and development model
  • Describe how effective training and development contributes to organisational development