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Main Topics of Study:

A. General

  • Define package, program, application, program and data.
  • Benefits and limitations of different data capture methods to the business and to the client.
  • Data capture forms (screen and paper). In this case, an awareness that screen is an output device confirming inputs.
  • Outputs (printed and screen). Selection of appropriate form of output. Billing layouts.
  • Distinction between on-line direct access and batch runs.
  • Process diagrams. Systems flowchart or Data flow diagrams could be used but a formal diagram is not expected – the requirements are that candidates are aware of the sequence of events including rectifying errors.
  • Back-up systems needed including restart processes where a lengthy print run may fail in mid run because of a printer failure.

B. Applications: Thorough investigation of each of the following applications:

  • Mail order and customer accounts
  • Stock control
  • Supermarket sales
  • Library administration
  • Public utility companies’ administration
  • Hotel administration and bookings
  • Banking related to customer accounts.
  • Club membership
  • Estate agency (real estate) administration.

Such an investigation of each of the above applications should cover the aspects listed below.

  • Overall purpose of the application.
  • The role of the people involved.
  • The detailed format of the sources data for each aspect of the application.
  • The method of data capture for each type of input. Devices suitable for this.
  • The processes that operate in the business – systems diagrams. Batch or on-line.
  • The filing systems required including contents of each file and methods of organisation and access.
  • The outputs that are produced.
  • The devices required for each type of output.
  • How each output will be used and possible follow-ups.