Sport & Recreation Operations Management - Main Topics of Study

Sport and Recreation in Context

  • The sport and recreation service encounter
  • Sport and recreation narrative
  • Sport and recreation venue management

The Design of Sport and Recreation Facilities

  • Facilities planning
  • Managing human resources in sport and recreation
  • Managing queues
  • Service quality
  • Service productivity and best practice in the sport and recreation industry

Inventory Management Operations Strategy

  • Economics of sport and recreation
  • Supply and demand
  • Sport revenue management
  • Ticket operations in a professional sports team setting
  • Sports events: the planning process
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Legal and ethical issues in the design and delivery of sport and recreation facilities

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Sport and Leisure Operations Management - McMahon-Beattie and Yeoman (2004) Cengage Learning

Alternative Texts and Further Reading

Beech, J., and Chadwick, S., (2004). The Business of Sports Management. Harlow: Prentice Hall

Taylor, P (Ed)., (2010) Torkildsen’s Sport and Leisure Management. Abingdon: Routledge.

Westerbeek, H., (2005). Managing Sport Facilities and Major Events. Abingdon : Routledge

Useful Websites

Taylor. Torkildsen’s Sport and Leisure Management (2010) companion website: