Dr Alistair Somerville-FordAlthough we are an Examining and Awarding body, we are also a large employer, with hundreds of staff in the UK and overseas.

The Institute has all the typical departments one would expect to find in any educational sector organisation – a Post Room, a large IT Department, an Accounts Office, a Print Department, Book Store and a large Data Processing Department, to name but a few, and one of my many roles involves interviewing prospective employees.

In the course of every interview I look for specific information about the candidate. What qualifications does this candidate possess? What are his or her skill sets? What is his or her employment history, what interpersonal skills does the candidate have and what is their level of general knowledge? Obviously, I also evaluate their personal presentation and their communication skills.

The information I need from candidates is going to be wanted by all employers for whom the starting point is always a review of the candidate’s qualifications. The reality is that for all those seeking employment, it will be their qualifications which will dictate their employment opportunities, career progression, career prospects and eventually, their suitability for promotion.

This web site outlines the wide variety of ICM Awards and qualifications available to its Student Members. It also outlines the university progression routes available to all ICM Student Members, irrespective of their age or level of employment.

Regardless of where you go in the world today, it is almost certain that you will find a former ICM Student Member holding down a successful career.

In the past forty years, over four million candidates have undertaken studies and examinations leading to the issue of an ICM Award and despite the vagaries of local and national economies, the reality is that ICM Student Members do well in the job market.

We want you to succeed and I hope that an ICM Award will play a major role in helping you to achieve your goals in life.

My very best wishes to you for a successful and prosperous future.
Dr Alistair Somerville Ford – President, ICM
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