Student Registration

In order to undertake any ICM examination candidates must be Registered ICM Student Members.

Student Membership can be obtained by completing the appropriate Student Registration Application form and returning the form and the Student Registration Fee to the Institute. Details of Student Registration Fees can be found here.

The Student Registration Fee is valid for one year and can be renewed annually.

Important Note: All students wishing to register for any ICM Diploma programme or above MUST complete and attach an Academic History form to their Student Registration form. Copies of all qualifications and Awards obtained by the student must also accompany the Academic History form.

The Academic History form is used to ensure that students are qualified to commence their studies at the Level they have selected.

Course/Level Entry Requirements

ICM professional programmes are structured in ‘Levels’. These Levels are designed to provide a structured and progressive level of knowledge.

All students are required to commence their studies at the Diploma Level of all programmes unless they are able to claim subject-for-subject or Level exemptions.

Subject-for-subject exemptions can be applied for if the student has (a) been examined, in the subject, by another recognised Awarding body and (b) has passed the examination/s set by the alternate body.

The Institute operates an ‘Open Entry’ policy in respect of most of its Diploma Level vocational programmes, subject to appropriate work experience, but prospective students should note that the following qualifications are recommended for those wishing to undertake ICM Diploma Level programmes:

Entry to an ICM Diploma programme requires completion of secondary education or equivalent. For example: - One GCE A-level plus three GCSEs (or equivalents) or 5 GCSEs - A suitable BTEC National Award - Any qualification equivalent to one or more of the above The minimum age for registration for the majority of programmes is 18. Applicants over the age of 20 who do not hold one of the recommended entry qualifications may also register for some Diploma Level programmes providing they have been in full-time employment for a minimum of two years and can produce a letter from their employer to confirm this.
Entry to an ICM Advanced Diploma programme requires completion of the ICM Diploma Level of the selected programme.
Entry to an ICM Graduate Diploma requires completion of the ICM Diploma and Advanced Diploma in the selected programme.
Registration for an ICM Post Graduate Diploma is accepted from those: - who have completed any qualifying ICM Graduate Diploma - who hold any Level 6 business or management Award - holders of business and management degree level qualifications
Applications from those over the age of 25 who do not meet the standard Entry Requirements will also be considered providing they: - are over the age of 25 - have been in employment of 5 years – a letter of support is required from the applicant’s employer; and - hold a management or senior supervisory position