Subject Advice, Educational Guidance and Student Support

You are expected to be independent and to take responsibility for your own academic and personal life. However, your study Centre should also provide appropriate help and assistance. Your tutors will direct your studies and ensure that you know what work you need to cover in any given unit. Seek advice from academic staff either during or after class or see them during their office hours.

Study Methods

Teaching Centres are provided with a detailed syllabus and Reading List for each subject area. Each Unit Syllabus clearly defines the areas that you will be required to cover for each subject and your examination questions will be based on the areas and topics detailed for each unit. It is important to ensure that you obtain a copy of each Unit Syllabus from your Teaching Centre. Alternatively, this information can be obtained here.

Each Unit Syllabus is normally linked to one main textbook and the examiners base their questions on the contents of the nominated core text.

The Unit Syllabuses also give details of 'Alternative Texts' and texts recommended for further reading. It is advised that you should refer to the 'Alternative Texts' in order to develop your skills and broaden your knowledge of the subject area.

Payment Methods

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Choosing your Course of Study

As an ICM Student Member you can work towards obtaining either a recognised Professional qualification or study for one or more of the 200 Single Subject Awards from the list of subjects offered by the Institute. The choice is yours.

ICM Approved Centres

Tuition leading to the Institute's examinations can only be provided by Institutions which have been granted ICM 'Approved Centre' status. Please note that some ICM Teaching Centres specialise in particular subject areas and not all ICM Centres will necessarily offer tuition for every ICM course programme. Click here to find an ICM Approved Centre near you.