Mohammad Khurram – Management Consulting Services

Mohammad Khurram
Although I completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree programme in 1986 at the University of Karachi, Pakistan, I realized that my career prospects would be greatly enhanced if I could obtain a business or management Award from the UK.

Fortunately, with financial help from my family, in 1987 I was able to gain admission into ‘The Business Studies Centre’ in Bournemouth, one of the ICM UK Teaching Centres.

Following a year of full-time study in Bournemouth, in 1988 I qualified for the ICM Diploma in Business Studies.

During the late 1980s it was clear that computing and IT were playing an increasingly important role in business life and my view was that a formal qualification in computing would stand me in good stead for the future. I decided to move to London where I registered with a college for a City & Guilds IT course.

Having successfully completed this latest course my next decision was to undertake an MBA programme before returning home. I completed these studies in 1991 and returned to Pakistan with an MBA, and qualifications in both Business and Computer Studies.

There is no doubt that this range of qualifications played a major role in securing my future and for the next nineteen years I worked in the financial sector, in private local and foreign Banks.

My current activities are still related to finance and the financial sector as I now provide management consulting services to high net worth individuals and strategic advisory services to overseas investors.