Kibedi Zaake Wanume – Youth Member of Parliament for Eastern Uganda

Kibedi Zaake Wanume
Zaake studied for an ICM Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Development at the Bethel Training Institute in Jinja, Uganda. As well as becoming an MP, he also manages his own travel business, Crescent Tours & Travel.

He attributed his success in business to his ICM qualification: ‘The ICM qualification has helped me to appreciate a number of factors in leadership because in leadership we deal in people – human resources. So when I qualified in Advanced Human Resources Development, I learned a number of things, for example, how you can inspire your people, motivate your people, how you can listen to your people, which I didn’t have before.’

As an MP, Zaake is currently campaigning for young people to be offered more job opportunities that are based on qualifications rather than experience. ‘You find that every job advertised states that you need five or ten years experience – but I’ve never heard of any school of experience, there is not a school that teaches experience. So somebody can be trained on the job, it’s one of the arguments I’ve been carrying in Parliament’ he explained.