Imran Zaki

Imran Zaki
I was amongst those fortunate students who were selected to study at the Institute’s Business School in Bournemouth between 1987 and 1988.

I completed the Diploma in Commercial Management and then continued on to an MBA programme in the USA. The ICM programme laid the foundations for my success and enabled me to build my business career. The Diploma in Commercial Management provided me with the knowledge to undertake my Masters programme with confidence. great confidence and clarity.

My overall experience with ICM was very good; we had students from all over the world, the atmosphere couldn’t have been better and I don’t think that any of us were homesick. I certainly never felt that I was away from home!

Thanks to ICM and everything they have done to help me, I have achieved and realise my objectives.

I now run my own successful Textile and Construction businesses in Karachi, Pakistan.