Bosco Odala Usale (grad.DMS)

Five years ago I realised that if I wanted to get a good job with career prospects I was going to have to obtain a recognised qualification.

A friend from Zambia, who makes regular visits to Malawi, told me about ICM.

He had completed an ICM programme some years previously and his qualifications had helped him to obtain a very good job.

His experience prompted me to get in touch with ICM. They advised me to consider a business studies course as this would provide me with the greatest flexibility when seeking employment once I had completed my studies.

I was finding it difficult to meet the full costs of the school fees so I sent a request to ICM’s Chairman, Dr Alistair Somerville Ford detailing my interest in studying through ICM and asking him to assist me with the school and Examination fees. He passed my request for a Scholarship on to the ICM Board who agreed to help me.

The sponsorship arranged by Dr Alistair Somerville Ford enabled me to complete the Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Graduate Diploma in Business Studies. I felt that he was always there to support and advise me and to help me to reach my goal. During my studies, I applied for employment with NBS Bank in Blantyre, where I now work.

My studies have taught me how to plan, manage, coordinate and organise my work and I’m pleased to say that I now have a clearly defined career path ahead of me.