Aggrey Wakoli Wakasiaka – Judiciary Kenya

Aggrey Wakoli Wakasiaka

Course studied:
Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies

The first ICM course I took was a Certificate in Legal Studies. Upon successful completion of the course, I then went on to study Legal Studies at Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.

Before I finally settled on Legal Studies at ICM, I had tried other examining bodies but my efforts were hampered by certain limitations. ICM really opened the door for me and its open system was truly inspiring. The ICM website made it really easy to find important information and obtain useful data such as past papers and syllabuses, and the fact that the Institute is internationally recognised and esteemed was a definite advantage.

Times are changing fast and we need to adapt ourselves accordingly. Acquisition of knowledge and skills empower one to meet challenges in life, more so in the workplace. These are times where intellectual property is given immense value.

I attribute my success to my family which provided the material and financial boost, the Excel Institute Kitale and my lecturers, and I say thanks to each and every one of them. ICM fulfilled my quest for knowledge and skills, and I am so glad to be associated with the Institute.