Adil Turk

Adil Turk

Course studied:
Diploma in Business Studies

I completed an ICM qualification in Business Studies in Bournemouth and then continued on to an MBA programme. My personal view is that ICM programmes provide the very best foundation for those wanting to go into business, and the courses have certainly taught me a lot about self reliance.

I learnt a great deal about finance and marketing and also discovered the importance of IT to a business. I was taught Law by Dr Somerville Ford and it was his influence which helped me to both grow my international agency network and to expand my contract base.

When I returned to Bahrain on completion of my studies, I established my current business, Mars Freights (, a company which is now one of the leading freight-forwarding agencies in the Kingdom.

I’ve moved on from being an ICM student to the head of a successful business and I don’t believe I would have reached my present position in life if I hadn’t undertaken the ICM programmes of study.

In addition to my day-to-day work, I also now teach students about international trade – an activity which I greatly enjoy.

I still keep in touch with many of the people I studied with and most of them are now senior managers in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Africa. I was very pleased to discover that a good many of their own children are now also ICM students. I can’t think of a greater endorsement for ICM’s courses than this!