Student Profiles

ICM students, both past and present, share their study experiences, and give an insight into the paths their professional lives are taking.

Adil Turk –

Company Director, Mars Freights

I completed an ICM qualification in Business Studies in Bournemouth and then continued on to an MBA programme. My personal view is that ICM programmes provide the very best foundation for those wanting to go into business, and… Read full profile.

Kibedi Zaake Wanume –

Youth Member of Parliament for Eastern Uganda

Zaake studied for an ICM Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Development at the Bethel Training Institute in Jinja, Uganda. As well as becoming an MP, he also manages his own travel business…Read full profile.

Shahid Rafiq –

Room Sales Specialist, Marriott Worldwide

I was the first ever ICM student in Pakistan, and have completed the ICM Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management. I am currently working in London as a Room Sales Specialist within a dedicated sales team for the Marriott Worldwide… Read full profile.

Corinna Tan –


I completed the ICM Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Commercial Management and MBA in International Management in 1987. I am Singaporean however I studied the programmes in Bournemouth and continue to… Read full profile.

Abdoulie Martin –

Provincial Branch Manager, Trustbank Gambia Ltd

In 2005, I graduated with a number of ICM qualifications under my belt. I completed the Diploma in Business at the Management Development Institute (MDI), and the Advanced Diploma…Read full profile.

Emmanuel Emil Gyamfi –

General Manager, Goodnews FM Radio

During my professional life, I have worked as a Lecturer, Agriculturist and Management Consultant. I am now the General Manager of Goodnews FM Radio Station in Takoradi, Ghana – as well as a major facilitator at Twin City University College… Read full profile.

Aggrey Wakoli Wakasiaka –

Judiciary Kenya

The first ICM course I took was a Certificate in Legal Studies. Upon successful completion of the course, I then went on to study Legal Studies at Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. I am currently pursuing an Associate Degree… Read full profile.

Zadock Wanjoya –

Inspector, National Hospital Insurance Fund, Kenya

I joined the Excel Institute Kitale in Kenya as a diploma student undertaking a business management course with ICM. I completed the course at both diploma and advanced diploma level… Read full profile.

Jackson Maina Ndegwa –

Front Desk Agent, Country Lodge Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

I studied an ICM Diploma in Tourism and Business Studies at the Tsavo Park Hotel Institute in Kenya. With an ICM qualification, I was able to get a job quickly in the tourism and hospitality… Read full profile.

Bosco Odala Usale (grad.DMS)

Five years ago I realised that if I wanted to get a good job with career prospects I was going to have to obtain a recognised qualification. A friend from Zambia, who makes regular visits to Malawi, told me about ICM. He had completed an ICM programme some years previously and his qualifications … Read full profile.

Mohammad Khurram –

Management Consulting Services

Although I completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree programme in 1986 at the University of Karachi, Pakistan, I realized that my career prospects would be greatly enhanced if I could obtain a business or management Award from…Read full profile.

Imran Zaki

I was amongst those fortunate students who were selected to study at the Institute’s Business School in Bournemouth between 1987 and 1988. I completed the Diploma in Commercial Management and then continued on to an MBA programme in the USA. The ICM programme laid the…Read full profile.