Sports Mega Events Management

Main Topics of Study:

Events – What are they? Types of events

  • The events market is huge and expanding
  • There is a need to understand the term “special event”
  • Furthermore to look at types of sports events in terms of size, major, hallmark and mega-events

The role of governments can play in events and the use of events by the corporate sector

  • Governments play a leading role in events and increasingly employ event strategies in order to guide their involvement
  • Some have used them in tandem with other policies and strategies as tools for urban regeneration and development
  • The corporate use of events for internal and external benefit and return on investment (ROI)

Event impact and legacies

  • Events aspects such as; social, cultural, economic, environmental or political aspects
  • Economic impacts and the role of government
  • Community perceptions of event impacts
  • Monitoring the long-term impacts and legacies

Sustainable development and the Olympic games

  • Sports events: and the concept of sustainable development
  • Large scale sporting events and how they have become a vehicle for processing their host community’s efforts at sustainable development