Management Theory & Practice

Part One – Management Theory


  • Developments in management theory 1910-2000
  • Definitions of management

Classical Theories of Management

  • The search for principles of management
  • Max Weber and the idea of bureaucracy

Human Relations and Social Psychological Theories

  • Motivation – the early theorists
  • Motivation – later theorists

Theories of Leadership and Group Behaviour

  • Leadership – theory and practice
  • Groups and group behaviour

Systems and Contingency Approaches to Management Theory

  • Organisation as systems
  • Contingency approaches to management

Modern Approaches to Management Theory

  • Modern approaches to management

Part Two – Management in Practice

The Context of Management

  • Types of business organisation
  • Developing an organisation culture
  • Women in management
  • The international context of management

Management Planning

  • Strategic aspects of management
  • Objectives, policies and organisational ethics
  • Performance standards in management
  • Decision-making in organisations
  • Human resource planning
  • Work structuring, job design and business process re-engineering

Organising for Management

  • Organisational structures
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Managing change – key concepts
  • Implementing change – organisation development
  • Communication in organisations
  • Time management and personnel effectiveness

Control in Management

  • Controlling performance
  • Quality standards and management
  • The role of information technology

Part Three – Functional Management – Marketing, Production, Personnel and Financial

Marketing Management

  • The marketing concept – competitiveness and the global dimension
  • The marketing mix – product and price
  • The marketing mix – promotion
  • The marketing mix – distribution
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing organisation
  • Customer services and consumer protection

Production Management

  • Production planning and control
  • Types of production
  • Aids to production
  • New technology in manufacturing

Personnel Management

  • Human resources management
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employee development and training
  • Performance appraisal, discipline and grievances
  • Developing managerial competencies
  • Stress management and employee counselling
  • Job evaluation
  • Employee relations and collective rights
  • Legal aspects of employment – individual rights

Financial Aspects of Management

  • Company accounts
  • Budgets, forecasts and business plans