Leisure & Tourism Operations

Main Topics of Study:

Leisure as an Object of Sociological Inquiry

  • Introduction
  • The social significance of leisure
  • Basic philosophy and orientation
  • From philosophy to social research
  • The purpose of this volume

Traditional Approaches in the Sociology of Leisure

  • Introduction
  • Sociological reasoning
  • Traditions in the sociology of leisure
  • Discussion

Recent Interpretative Approaches to Leisure

  • Introduction
  • New sociologies of leisure
  • Discussion

Elements of a Structural Sociology of Leisure

  • Introduction
  • Social structure
  • The social structures of leisure
  • Discussion

Social Networks Research

  • Introduction
  • Operationalising structure
  • Social networks research – an overview
  • Summary

Social Networks Research in Leisure

  • Introduction
  • The social networks of leisure
  • Influences of community networks on leisure
  • Social networks at leisure places
  • An illustration – personal networks in a rural community
  • Organisational networks
  • Summary

A Critique of leisure Networks Research

  • Introduction
  • The influence of social networks on leisure
  • Future leisure networks research
  • A remaining problem – meaning
  • Critique, and an alternative – Giddens’s Theory of Structuration
  • Summary

Conclusions and Consequences of a Structural Sociology of Leisure

  • Introduction
  • Reinterpreting leisure
  • Unresolved issues
  • Conclusions