Human Resource Development I

Main Topics of Study:

Introduction to Human Resource Management

  • The origins and the recent changes and development in the employment field
  • The nature of HRM and the different perspectives of it – existing personnel practices, management
  • Disciplines, resource based model
  • Evaluation of models, frameworks and theories of HRM

Human Resource Management in Context

  • The nature of organisation and management
  • The historical context
  • Changing management attitudes
  • Changing labour management techniques
  • Perception
  • Knowledge and thinking

Resourcing the Organisation

  • Labour markets
  • Institutional theories
  • Labour market theories

Human Resource Planning

  • Definitions and scope of HR planning
  • Who, what, why of HR planning
  • Creating an HR plan and supply and demand
  • Managing change and teamwork

Job Design

  • Taylorism and Braverman
  • Human relations and multi-skilling

Recruitment and Selection

  • The systematic approach
  • Job descriptions
  • Person specifications
  • Shortlisting
  • Testing and interviewing
  • Key legislation
  • International perspectives
  • Ethical issues