Buyer Behaviour & Consumerism

Main Topics of Study:

Introduction to the Study of Consumer Behaviour

  • What is consumer behaviour?
  • Why we study consumer behaviour
  • Why the field of consumer behaviour developed
  • The role of consumer behaviour

Consumer Research

  • The consumer research process
  • Developing the research objectives
  • Collecting secondary data
  • Designing primary research
  • Data collection
  • Analysis and report preparation

Analytical Segmentation

  • Who uses market segmentation?
  • How marketers use market segmentation
  • Bases for market segmentation, including social class, social status, family, company size, product usage and location
  • Implementing segmentation strategies

Consumer Needs and Motivation

  • Motivation
  • Needs
  • Goals
  • Positive and negative motivation
  • Dynamic nature of motivation including frustration and arousal of motives
  • Types and system of needs
  • Motivation research

Personality and Consumer Behaviour

  • What is personality?
  • Theories of personality
  • Personality and understanding consumer diversity

Consumer Perception

  • What is perception?
  • The dynamics of perception
  • Consumer imagery

Learning and Consumer Involvement

  • What is learning?
  • Behavioural learning theories
  • Cognitive learning theories
  • Brand loyalty and brand equity

Nature of Consumer Attitudes

  • What are attitudes?
  • Structural models of attitudes
  • Attitude formation
  • Attitude change

Group Dynamics and Consumer Reference Groups

  • Types of groups
  • Reference groups and their applications
  • What is a family?
  • Functions of the family
  • Family decision making
  • The family life cycle

Social Class and Consumer Behaviour

  • What is social class?
  • Measurement of social class
  • Lifestyle profiles of the social class
  • The affluent consumer
  • The non-affluent consumer

The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behaviour

  • What is culture?
  • Characteristics of culture
  • Measurement of culture
  • Core values
  • What is sub-culture?
  • Sub-cultural aspects of consumer behaviour

Diffusion of Innovations

  • The diffusion process
  • The adoption process
  • A profile of the consumer innovator

Consumer Decision Making

  • What is a decision?
  • Four views of consumer decision making
  • Models of consumer decision making
  • Opinion leadership
  • The interpersonal flow of communication