Accounting II

Main Topics of Study:

Financial Resources and Business Planning:

  • Financial resources
  • The role of the accountant

The Construction of Financial Statements:

  • Calculating profits
  • Adjustments
  • Capital transactions
  • Partnership accounts
  • Company accounts
  • Cash flow statements
  • Accounts of clubs and societies

The Provision of Financial Information:

  • Accounting ratios and preparing reports / SSAPs & FRSs

Planning and Decision Making Accounting for Costs:

  • Manufacturing accounts

Further Accounting Issues:

  • Control accounts
  • The trial balance, journal and suspense accounts
  • Incomplete records
  • The extended trial balance

Note: This paper follows on from Accounting Techniques (Accounting One), and may appear to repeat some of the syllabus areas covered in Accounting Techniques . The Examiner wishes to point out that any such topics will typically be examined at a higher level in the Accounting in Decision Making (Accounting Two) examination paper. The Examiner also reserves the right to set questions in Accounting in Decision Making on topics from the Accounting Techniques paper.