In order to undertake any ICM examination, it will be necessary for you to register with ICM as a Learner Member. You can obtain a Learner Registration application form from your ICM Teaching Centre. You will need to complete the form and send it to ICM, together with the relevant Learner Registration fee and a passport photograph.

Upon receipt of your application, we will send you written confirmation of your learner membership and provide you with your learner ID number and your ICM ID Card. Your membership will be valid for one calendar year from the date of registration. If you have not completed your studies within one year, you can renew your Learner Membership for the subsequent year/s upon payment of the relevant fee. The relevant fees can be found within Our Charging Structure.

Ownership of an ICM ID card provides benefits such as student discounts and privileged entrance in some areas. It also provides:

1. Free access to a suite of eLearning courses
2. Free access to eBooks
3. A discussion forum giving direct access to your ICM Examiners
4. Downloadable resources to facilitate your study skills, e.g. revision timetable and, for some units, additional practice exercises
5. Tutorials on how to achieve the best marks in your exam
6. You are automatically entered into our annual draw to win an iPad and ICM branded merchandise. Winners will be announced on         14th December 2018

Please refer to your ICM Coordinator for more details regarding benefits and rewards in your area.


Qualification Entry Requirements

ICM qualifications are structured in 'Levels'. These Levels are designed to provide learners with structured and progressive development of skills and knowledge. 

Please contact your ICM Approved Centre for details of:

  • Accreditation of prior learning and experience
  • Entrance with advanced standing
  • Progression routes

Entry requirements to:

Entry to an ICM Diploma requires completion of secondary education or equivalent.
For example:

  • One GCE A-level plus three GCSEs (or equivalents) or 5 GCSEs
  • A suitable BTEC National Award
  • Any other qualification and/or work experience can be considered as evidence of the above

(The minimum age for registration on ICM qualifications is 18 years)
Entry to an ICM Advanced Diploma requires completion of the ICM Diploma.

(The minimum age for registration on ICM programmes is 18)
Entry to an ICM Graduate Diploma requires completion of the ICM Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

(The minimum age for registration on ICM programmes is 18)
Registration for an ICM Post Graduate Diploma is accepted from those:

  • Who have completed any qualifying ICM Graduate Diploma
  • Who hold any Level 6 business or management qualification
  • Holders of business and management degree level qualifications

  • (The minimum age for registration on ICM programmes is 18)