School Delisted – Zanzibar Business School, Tanzania

10:09am GMT, Thursday, 22 October 2009

Zanzibar Business School (ZBS) has been delisted as an ICM Approved Centre with effect from 21 October 2009, following a visit to the School by Mr Alloyse Mirindo, ICM’s Regional Director, Africa, and Mrs Emma Goodman, ICM Executive Director in the UK.

ZBS is therefore no longer authorised to teach or market ICM subjects or courses, register students, or display the ICM logo.

The December 2009 exam entries will proceed as usual, and the school is permitted to provide tuition until this December, however ICM students are advised to enroll at alternative ICM Approved Centres for their tuition and exam entries in future.

To request a current list of ICM Approved Centres in Tanzania, please complete the form here: Find an ICM approved teaching centre.