Post Graduate Diploma in Management

1:58pm GMT, Friday, 7 December 2012

Changes to assessment methods March 2013

The following gives a summary of the revised assessment methods for Units on the Postgraduate Diploma in Management to be implemented for all exam entries for March 2013 and subsequent exam periods. Please note that from March 2013 all Units will be assessed by formal examinations. Where appropriate, supplementary material including Case Studies will be issued in advance of the examinations.

Unit assessment methods

  1. Financial Decision Making: 3 hour Examination – 100%
  2. Management of Change: 3 hour Examination – 100%
  3. Operations Management: 3 hour Examination – 100%
  4. People in Organisations: 3 hour Examination – 100%
  5. International Marketing Strategy: 3 hour Examination – 100%
  6. Contemporary Strategic Management: 3 hour Examination – 100%

In preparation for these examinations, where appropriate, a case study or other supplementary material (e.g. management accounts, descriptions of problems/issues, other pre-reading material) will appear on the ICM website two months before the examination date.

For some units, students will be allowed to take up to two pages (4 sides) of A4 notes containing notes and analysis of the pre-issued material into the examination. This will be clearly specified for each Unit in the pre-issued material, shown on the website, prior to the examination.

Note: The content and learning outcomes for each Unit have not changed. Therefore, students supported by ICM Teaching Centres, should prepare for these assessments in the same way as before, by ensuring that they are familiar with the knowledge and understanding required as described in the Unit Descriptors and detailed in the recommended reading.