Pakistan Centre introduces tuition fee payback scheme

10:16am GMT, Monday, 26 April 2010

Western Business School (WBS), ICM’s Approved Centre in Lahore-Pakistan, has introduced a 100% Tuition Fee Payback facility to ICM students upon completion of their studies.

This has been made possible due to the recent collaboration of WBS with Dawood Family Takaful Limited Bank (DFTL).

There will be no extra financial burden on students. WBS will sacrifice 30% of its tuition fee, every year, to the DFTL Bank as a contribution. After five years duration, DFTL will pay back 100% of the tuition fee amount paid by the student for their study at the Institute.

Even if students do not withdraw their amount at this time, they will get a bonus every year on their actual tuition fee.

This is a unique type of facility introduced by the WBS to ICM students, and is intended to help them utilise the refunded amount for the purpose of setting up a small business or to continue their higher studies.

ICM’s Regional Director, M. Moazam Shahbaz, witnessed the signing ceremony between WBS & DFTL.

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