New Professional Programme – Graduate Diploma in Accounting & Finance

10:45am GMT, Tuesday, 25 October 2016

ICM are pleased to announce the launch of the Graduate Diploma level to our Accounting & Finance programme.

Students can register to undertake examinations for the above named programme from the June 2017 Examination Sitting.

This course is available to students who have successfully completed the ICM Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Finance and consists of the following subjects:

  • Advanced Accounting Project
  • Capital & Investment
  • Corporate Governance & Ethics
  • Regulatory Framework

Please note that the above subjects can be entered under the June and December Examination Sittings only.

The entry fee is £50.00 Pounds Sterling per subject and cannot be undertaken on a Single Subject basis.

Sample question papers for the above subjects are available to be downloaded here.

The course handbook is available to download here.

Centres who wish to offer this programme must express their interest to our Centre Approvals Department utilising the email: