International Relations

10:36am GMT, Monday, 12 March 2012

Over the course of the past forty years I have travelled to, and worked in a great many countries.

Obviously, many of these overseas trips have been on behalf of the Institute but a great many others have been in my capacity as either an Advisor or Expert to one or more of the major International Development Agencies.

During my years of working with both International Agencies and NGOs I have travelled to war zones and have seen both civil unrest as well as death and destruction in all its forms. I’ve visited detention camps, bombed hospitals, ruined villages and towns and seen the pain of ordinary men, women and children with no food, water or medical supplies who have lived in fear of what the next morning might bring to their doors.

Today, we are faced with far too many humanitarian problems as well as instability in far too many countries.

Problems and disputes between nations and between ethnic and other groups can only be resolved by dialogue, discussion and negotiation and these are skills which have to be learnt.

There is a need for many more young people to engage in international affairs and I am therefore very pleased to announce the launch, in June 2012, of a new ICM programme in International Relations.

I have no doubt that it will produce some great diplomats and further the cause of social cohesion.

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