ICM’s Pakistan Regional Director appointed as Joint Secretary for new association

10:16am GMT, Tuesday, 20 April 2010

ICM’s Regional Director for Pakistan, M. Moazam Shahbaz, has been appointed as Joint Secretary for a new organisation called the Association of All Pakistan Skill Development Institutes (AAPSDI).

Launched last week, the purpose of AAPSDI is to promote vocational education in Pakistan through awareness campaigns, industry liaison, capacity building of technical and vocational training institutes and raise issues related to vocational education.

AAPSDI will work to achieve the appropriate local and foreign recognition of different vocational qualification awards offered in Pakistan. It will also work to standardise the vocational qualification curriculum for all Skill Development Institutes – for which purpose AAPSDI has contacted ICM as the primary source – a partnership into which ICM is pleased to enter.

Due to the regional efforts of ICM for the promotion and recognition of technical and vocational education in Pakistan, M. Moazam Shahbaz will play a key role in the new organisation as the Joint Secretary.

Dr. Izhar Ahmed Khan, CEO of the Professional Institute of Pakistan – one of ICM’s Approved Centres – has been unanimously elected to the position of Chairman.

Support for the AAPSDI has been strong – after its first meeting with the heads of over 100 Skill Development Institutes from across Pakistan, all have agreed to come on-board as members.

For more information on the AAPSDI and ICM in Pakistan, contact Moazam Shahbaz at mshahbaz@icm.education