ICM unveils plans for a new sub-Saharan HQ

9:01am GMT, Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Alloyse Mirindo, Regional Director for Africa, Christopher Curran, Director of External Relations and Natasha Piscitelli and Chris Jinks, senior members of ICM’s new communications group.

ICM is to establish a regional headquarters in Nairobi to manage its sub-Saharan operations.

The new office will incorporate a student resource centre, offering a host of facilities for ICM students. These will include study areas with computers, internet access, photocopiers and a library. Staff based at the centre will also be on hand to offer vocational guidance and training, such as help with writing CVs and interview techniques.

Alloyse Mirindo, who has worked as the ICM’s Regional Quality Coordinator for the past ten years, has been appointed the Regional Director for Africa. He will be setting up and managing the new office. He said: “No other institute offers a facility like this in the area so this will be a fantastic resource for students. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to work on this new project.”

ICM Chief Executive, Dr Alistair Somerville Ford, added: “This is an excellent opportunity for both the ICM and its students. If the project proves successful, we hope to open headquarters and student resource centres in a selection of locations around the world.”