ICM sponsors MA prize

10:32am GMT, Wednesday, 2 November 2011

From left to right: Prof Tom Thomas, Jo Parrish, Orianne Tyndale and Mike Wilman (Course leader for the MA Marketing programme)

Each year ICM sponsors a number of awards for the MA Marketing Management programme at Solent University. This year, ICM Chief Executive Tom Thomas presented awards to two students at the University for the Best Consulting Project on the course.

Both students worked together on a Leprosy Mission project, gaining an extremely impressive overall mark of 89%, believed to be the highest mark ever awarded in this unit.

The prizes were awarded to Jo Parrish, a Solent student since January 2011, and Orianne Tyndale, who commenced her studies in October 2010.

Jo has been studying on the MA Marketing Management course whilst working full-time as a Marketing Officer at Solent University. Assisting with the schools’ liaison programme, Jo is actively involved in hosting visits from sixth formers and college students, as part of the student recruitment process.

Orianne has managed to combine full-time studies with looking after a husband and two young children. Prior to joining the course, Orianne worked as the External Communications Manager for the prestigious independent school, Bedales Schools in Petersfield. Before joining Bedales, she spent time fundraising for the charity, VSO, both in London and in Zambia. Orianne has also travelled extensively around the world, working in several different countries.