ICM issues warning to students against unapproved centres

9:59am GMT, Thursday, 11 June 2009

ICM is issuing a stark warning to students to make sure they register for exams only at Approved Centres, after it has come to light that a de-listed centre has been fraudulently claiming to offer ICM examinations.

The East Africa Institute of Information Studies in Nairobi, Kenya, has been found to be using photocopied exam booklets and past paper questions and the Centre had been charging students in KES (Kenya Shillings) despite ICM only accepting sterling. However, when challenged it did offer refunds to students who requested them after the ICM International Director for Africa notified the local Police and visited the school.

Should students wish to check whether their local Centre is ICM Approved, they can contact ICM directly for a list; it is not ICM policy to publish the Approved Centre list on its website. Students can also check whether a Centre is approved by asking a member of staff to show them their Approved Centre certificate. This document is issued to all ICM Approved Centres and carries a security watermark.

Jackie Everingham, Executive Director for Examinations said: “Students can rest assured that we take these matters very seriously. Regardless of the country in which these events might occur it is our policy to refer all cases of fraud to the local Police and where appropriate we always prosecute offenders. Dishonesty of this nature is completely unacceptable, it can affect a student’s future career prospects. As a result, we always investigate any fraudulent claims that are brought to our attention.”

Unapproved Centres are not eligible to teach ICM courses or offer ICM examinations.

If you would like to request a list of ICM Approved Centres, simply complete the online Find an ICM-approved Teaching Centre form and you will be emailed a list of centres near you.