Head Office visit for Ghanaian Coordinator

9:21am GMT, Wednesday, 6 February 2008

ICM’s new Regional Coordinator for Ghana, Getrude Nyarko, is spending time at the Institute’s Head Office this week, ahead of her permanent appointment in Ghana.

Getrude will interact with the Institute’s staff to gain hands-on experience of its administrative and managerial procedures, as well as to plan ICM’s future accreditation and centralisation procedures in Ghana.

Before taking up residence in Ghana at the end of February, Getrude will also spend ten days training with ICM’s Regional Director for Africa, Alloyse Mirindo, in Kenya.

Getrude’s Ghanaian ICM office will be located in Accra, where she will work alongside the President of the Association of ICM Students of Ghana, Chris Kpogo.

The principal stages of Getrude’s appointment will be focused on achieving accreditation of ICM programmes by the Accreditation Board of Ghana. This is already in the pipeline and the Board in Accra has received details of ICM’s accreditation in the UK, together with the necessary supporting documents.

New examination procedures

She will also start arrangements for the student examination process to be centralised, taking place in just two centres in the Accra and Kumasi regions. In the future, it is anticipated that central examination centres will be based in all ten of Ghana’s regions.

She said: “I want to improve the experience for students in Ghana and so my first two priorities are the issue of accreditation and exam centralisation. When this has been achieved, I hope to develop new initiatives such as ICM donating computers to the centres teaching its programmes, as well as holding Graduation Ceremonies for ICM students in Ghana.”

As a former ICM student and Ghanaian, Getrude is the ideal candidate to undertake this crucial role. She first studied for an ICM Graduate Diploma in Marketing in Ghana, and then went on to write a dissertation in Market Research which enabled her to complete an Associate Degree in Marketing in September 2006.

Anyone wishing to contact Getrude can email her at: getrude@ICMmail.org.

If you are an ICM student or member, you can request your own ICM email address. The facility is accessible through the front page of ICM’s website www.icm.ac.uk and can be personalised to any preferred username in the form of yourchoice@ICMmail.org.

By Natasha Piscitelli