Chief Executive in Serbia for graduation ceremony

10:04am GMT, Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Professor Tom Thomas recently returned from Belgrade, Serbia, where he presented ICM awards at a graduation ceremony for the English School of Business (ESB).

Taking place at the Duško Radović Theatre in Belgrade on 19 June, students at the ceremony were awarded a wide range of qualifications including ICM awards, degree and masters qualifications.

The event was attended by over 200 participants with 70 students receiving ICM awards. Ms Ljiljana Lazic, ESB Founder, and Ms Milica Jancovic, ESB Principal, both attended the ceremony and welcomed Professor Thomas warmly.

He gave a speech in which he congratulated the students involved in all programmes. He also went on to congratulate the academic staff at ESB for their hard work and dedication as evidenced by the excellent range of results obtained.

Professor Thomas said: “It was good to meet the staff and students at ESB. Clearly, the students have an excellent experience whilst studying the ICM courses at ESB. A number of parents spoke to me after the event and said how much their sons/daughters had benefited from such a practical programme. It was also good to see that a number of ICM students were continuing on to study a Masters programme. “

Jovana Pusonja, an alumni of ESB, said: “I graduated on the ICM programme at ESB and continued my studies towards an MBA. Although graduating from ESB requires serious commitment, hard work and a lot of sacrifice, it is opening a lot of new opportunities for graduates. With my qualifications, I had no problem finding a job here in Dominican Republic.”