Payment Methods

Registration and Examination fees can be paid by any one of the following methods:

  • Sterling Bank Draft – Must be made payable to ICM
  • Sterling Postal Order – Must be made payable to ICM
  • Sterling Cheque (if drawn on a UK Bank) Cheques should be made payable to ICM
  • Sterling Cash (this needs to be registered – this option is available in the UK ONLY)
  • Credit Card – Download the Credit Card Authorisation Form (Please be aware there is a £10.00 Pounds Sterling Administration Charge for this service and this form can only be accepted as a hard copy by post)
  • Western Union
    ICM have been working with Western Union to offer Centres and Students a new way to send money to us. It is called ‘Quick Pay’ and instructions on how it works are as follows:

    • Go to a Western Union location accepting QUICK PAY payments. To locate the nearest location, please visit
    • Specify to the Western Union operator that you would like to make a QUICK PAY transaction.
    • Fill in the QUICK PAY form (if applicable in the location in the respective country) and make sure you provide the Western Union operator the following information:

      Name of company – ICM UK
      Country – United Kingdom
      Company code – ICM UNITED KINGDOM UK
      Account no – AUK050124
      Reference no – Student ID if available or your name and the name of the ICM Approved Centre.

    • Keep a record of the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) which must be provided to ICM on all correspondence.

    If ‘QUICK PAY’ is not available in your area, you are welcome to use the standard Western Union payment process utilising one of the following payee’s names:

    • “Adair Somerville Ford”
    • “Alistair Somerville Ford”
  • It is ESSENTIAL that you provide us the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) you are given by Western Union. If payment is made for examinations, the Money Transfer control Number MUST be clearly written on your examination entry form. If you propose to send your fees through Western Union, please confirm by email to that payment has been made by this method, you must include the following:

    • Full name
    • MTCN Number
    • Name of your ICM Approved Centre
    • ICM Student Identification number (if applicable)

Please note that it is not ICM policy to provide our Bank account details, and you are therefore requested to use one of the above accepted payment methods.