Student Registration Fees

Student Registration fees for standard ICM Awards and programmes are based on the country in which you will undertake your examinations. The current fees levels are as follows:

Group 1 – If you are based in Europe, an EU Member State, North America, a Gulf State, the Middle East, Australasia, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong or Malaysia your Registration Fee will be £50.00 Pounds Sterling
Group 2 – If you are based in South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Central or South America, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Caribbean or North Africa your Registration Fee will be £25.00 Pounds Sterling

Registration Renewal Fees

Group 1 – £50.00 Pounds Sterling
Group 2 – £25.00 Pounds Sterling

Examination Entry Fees

Examination Entry fees are shown on the appropriate Examination Entry form for the subject/programme you are undertaking. In general, the standard Examination Entry fees are as follows:

  • Diploma Level Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Advanced Diploma Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Graduate Diploma Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
  • All Professional Legal Studies Subjects – £35.00 Pounds Sterling
  • All Legal Studies Single Subjects: – £35.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Business Law – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
  • All Single Subjects – £26.00 Pounds Sterling
  • All Maritime Subjects – £35.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management Subjects – £50.00 Pounds Sterling

Exemption Fees

Exemption fees are charged at the same rate as examination fees, dependent on which course a student is undertaking.

Administration Fees

  • Copies of Entry/Results Notifications – £10.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Replacement Certificates – £20.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Single Subject Diploma Certificates – £20.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Transcript of Academic Results – £15.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Conversion of Single Subject Diplomas into a Professional Award – £20.00 Pounds Sterling
  • Replacement Student Card – £15.00 Pounds Sterling


There is a fee of £15.00 Pounds Sterling per subject should you wish to defer any examinations to another series for health or any other reason. If you are unable to undertake your examinations, it is essential you advise ICM in writing before the appropriate date, otherwise the full entry fee will be applicable. Please note that you may only defer examinations on one occasion. A new examination entry form must be submitted with your deferral fee. Should you be deferring through ill health, you will need to attach a copy of your medical certificate to the new entry form.


A student who undertakes, on a Single Subject basis, subjects within a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Graduate Diploma will not be entitled to a professional Award unless they are exempted from or have completed all lower Levels of that Award. If a candidate has successfully completed ALL required Single Subjects, they can convert the Single Subjects to a Professional Award. To apply for the conversion of Single Subject passes into a Professional Award, candidates must complete the appropriate form and return this to ICM, together with the payment fee of £20.00 Pounds Sterling. This form is available from your ICM Approved Centre.

If you have any queries relating to fees, please contact your Teaching Centre.

For information on how to pay, please see Payment Methods.