ICM Approved Centre Applications

ICM works with Approved Centres in more than 100 countries. “Approved Centre” status is granted to those institutions which can satisfy the Institute that they have the following:

  • A suitably qualified Registrar.
  • Qualified lecturers.
  • Suitable premises and classrooms.
  • Secure storage for examination material.
  • Library facilities.
  • Computer resources with internet access; available for student use.
  • A sound administrative structure, including e-mail facilities on campus which are monitored daily.

If the above criteria are applicable to your centre, please complete the Approved Centre Application Form and return it to ICM, along with the Application Fee detailed on the form, and your centre Prospectus.

For information on how to pay, please see Payment Methods.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Download the ICM Approved Centre Application Form – New Applications

Download the ICM Academic Staff Profile Form

If you have any further enquiries regarding centre approval, please email: centreapprovals@icm.education.