Supply Chain Management - Main Topics of Study

Core concepts

  • Information systems and supply chain management
  • Inventory
  • Supply chain relationships
  • Challenges facing supply chain managers

Role of information systems and technology

  • Importance of information in an integrated supply chain management environment
  • Interorganisational information systems
  • Information requirements determination for a supply chain 10lS
  • Information technology applications for supply chain management

Managing the flow of materials across the supply chain

  • Understanding supply chains
  • Reengineering supply chain logistics
  • Importance of time
  • Performance measurement

Developing and maintaining supply chain relationship

  • Conceptual model of alliance development
  • Developing trusting relationships with partners in the supply chain
  • Resolving conflicts in a supply chain relationship

Future challenges in supply chain management

  • Sharing risks in interorganisational relationships
  • Managing the global supply chain
  • Greening of the supply chain
  • Design for supply chain management
  • Intelligent information systems


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Introduction to Chain Supply Management – Handfield & Nichols (Prentice Hall)