Retail Branding - Main Topics of Study

Main Topics of Study:

  • The theory and development of branding: how brands differ from products
  • Building the retail brand: methods, investments and the bottom line
  • Product as brand and retail company as brand
  • Branding and the long-term: developing the loyal customer
  • Branding and the emotional connection with customers
  • Branding and product positioning: the marketing connection
  • Case studies: lessons to be learned from successful retail brands and the also-rans

Recommended Reading

Main Text:
Butler, M and Gravatts, S (2005) People don't buy what you sell They buy what you stand for, Management Books, Cirencester Ltd.

Alternative Texts and Further Reading:
Chernatony, L, McDonald, M (2000) Creating Powerful Brands Butterworth-Heinemann
Thomassen, K.L.L. (2008) Private Label: Turning retail brand threat into opportunity Kogan-Page