Public Sector Strategy - Main Topics of Study

Implications of Publicity for Strategic Management Theory

  • Private sector model
  • How public sector management differs
  • Implications for content theories of strategic management
  • Implications for process theories

Processes of Strategy Development in the Public Sector

  • Framework for strategy development process
  • Strategy as managerial intent
  • Strategy as outcome of organisational processes
  • Imposed strategy

Global Influences on the Public Sector

  • PEST analysis
  • Scenarios
  • Five forces analysis in healthcare
  • Strategic group analysis

Trust and Distrust in Regulation and Enforcement

  • Defining regulation
  • Regulatory cycle
  • Trust or distrust


  • What is benchmarking?
  • Importance of benchmarking
  • Different approaches
  • Getting started
  • Making it a success

Best Value Initiative

  • What it is
  • Architecture of best value
  • Experience

Maslin Multi Dimensional Matrix

  • Limitations of the Boston Matrix
  • Montanari Matrix
  • Maslin multi-dimensional Matrix

Stakeholder Mapping

  • Power/interest Matrix
  • Creating stakeholder maps
  • Establishing political priorities
  • Ethical considerations

Implications of Ownership for Strategy

  • Government ownership and performance
  • Implementing change
  • Organisational forms

Formation and Control of Public Private Partnerships

  • Partnering as co-operative strategy
  • Types of partnership
  • Propensity to partner
  • Public accountability
  • Stakeholder approach

Public Sector Partnerships

  • Development of partnerships
  • Types of partnership
  • Propensity to partnerships
  • Characteristics of successful partnerships
  • Adding value through partnerships
  • Stakeholder relationships in partnerships

Strategy and Structures in the Public Sector

  • Managing a portfolio of services
  • Synergy school
  • Parenting school
  • Centralisation and devolution
  • Organisational configurations

Devolution and Control

  • Analytical framework
  • Directors
  • Tensions and conflict
  • Synergy

Business Process Re-engineering in the Public Sector

  • Growing critique of BPR
  • Problems of empowerment
  • Problems of commitment

Relationship between Quality, Approaches to Management Control and the Achievement of Best Value in Public Sector Professional Service Organisations

  • Classical and romantic traditions in quality
  • Quality and management control within organisations

Mapping Organisational Culture

  • Concept of culture and the cultural web
  • Value of culture mapping
  • Mapping organisational culture
  • Discussing cultural webs
  • Identifying blockages to change
  • Value of re-mapping organisational culture
  • Re-mapping organisational culture
  • Mapping strategic change

Recommended Reading

Reading List

Main Text:
Kevan Scholes and Gerry Johnson, Exploring Public Sector Strategy, (FT Prentice Hall, 2000, ISBN 0273646877)