People in Retail: Staff & Staffing Issues - Main Topics of Study

  • The nature of a “people” business: Objectives, tasks and responsibilities
  • Assessing staffing needs: Who do we need and how many?
  • Recruitment: How to get the right person
  • Staff training systems: How to get the right person to do the right job in the correct manner
  • Motivations and Incentives: How to get the right person to come back the next day
  • Benefits to the Individual, Management and Organisation
  • Effective and efficient staff management: morale, performance and improving the bottom line


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Principles of Retailing - Fernie, F et al (2003) - Butterworth-Heinemann.

Alternative Texts and Further Reading:

Personnel Practice, Institute of Personnel and Development - Martin, M and Jackson, T, (1998) 

Non-store retailing London: FT Retail and Consumer publications - Ody, P (1998)