Personal Selling in the Electronic Age - Main Topics of Study

  • The nature and characteristics of personal selling: its role in profit enhancement, customer relations and marketing tool
  • Personal selling in the electronic age
  • Sales planning and operations
  • The steps of the sales process
  • Business to business and business to consumer selling
  • Negotiation and overcoming objections
  • Sales Management


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Selling and Sales Management - Jobber, D and Lancaster, G (2003) - FT/Prentice Hall.

Alternative Texts and Further Reading:

Dalrymple’s Sales Management - Cron, W.L, DeCarlo, T.E, (2006) - John Wiley.

Sales Management, Principles, process and practice - Donaldson, B (2007) - Palgrave. Macmillan