People in Organisations

This is not available as a Single Subject. This is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management subject.

Main Topics of Study:

  • This unit takes three perspectives of analysis: the individual, the group and the organisation and breaks these down into two areas, the ‘Micro’ and the ‘Macro’.
  • The unit starts with an analysis of the individual and the group and takes a ‘Micro’ approach to the field of OB. Here it explores areas such as personality, individual differences, employee attitudes and behaviour motivation, group formation and group decision-making.
  • The unit is completed by analysing the ‘Macro’ or big-picture approach addresses the organisation as the primary area of analysis. Topics included are organisational structures, design, culture, climate and change management.

Recommended Reading

Indicative Reading for this Unit:

Main Text:

Bratton J., (2007) Work and Organisational Behaviour. Palgrave

Alternative texts

Robbins S (2005) Organisational Behaviour, Pearson
Rollinson D., (2008) Organisational Behaviour and Analysis 4th edition FT Prentice Hall