Marketing Management - Main Topics of Study

Marketing Management

  • The critical role of marketing in organisations and society
  • Laying the groundwork through strategic planning
  • Managing the marketing process and marketing planning

Analysing Marketing Opportunities

  • Marketing information systems and marketing research
  • Analysing the marketing environment
  • Analysing consumer markets and buyer behaviour
  • Analysing business markets and organisational buying behaviour
  • Analysing competitors

Researching and Selecting Target Markets

  • Measuring and forecasting market demand
  • Identifying market segmentation and selecting target markets

Designing Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing strategies for differentiating and positioning the marketing offer
  • Developing, testing and launching new products and services
  • Managing products through their product life cycle
  • Deciding on international market entry
  • Methods of entry
  • International marketing programmes

Planning Marketing Programmes

  • Managing product lines, brands and packaging
  • Managing service business and ancillary services
  • Designing pricing strategies and programmes
  • Selecting and managing marketing channels
  • Managing retailing and wholesaling
  • Designing communication and promotion-mix strategies
  • Designing effective advertising programmes
  • Designing direct marketing, sales-promotion and public relations programmes
  • Managing the sales force
  • Managing direct marketing operations
  • Implementing marketing programmes
  • Controlling marketing activities


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Marketing Management – Philip Kotler (Prentice Hall)

Alternative Texts and Further Reading: 

Go International – Keith Monk (McGraw Hill)

Essentials of Marketing – G Lancaster & L Massingham (McGraw Hill)