Management Theory & Practice - Main Topics of Study

Part One – Management Theory


  • Management: An introduction

Classical Theories of Management

  • The search for principles of management
  • Bureaucracy

Human Relations and Social Psychological Theories

  • Motivation – what motivates people?
  • Motivation – how motivation occurs

Theories of Leadership and Group Behaviour

  • Leadership – theory and practice
  • Groups and teams

Systems and Contingency Approaches to Management Theory

  • Organisations and systems
  • Contingency approaches to management

Contemporary Approaches to Management Theory

  • Value-driven responsive organisations
  • Managing the supply chain

Part Two – Management in Practice

The Context of Management

  • The business environment
  • Organisations
  • Organisational culture
  • Diversity


  • Decision making in organisations
  • Strategic aspects of management
  • Strategy in practice
  • Managing strategy

Organising for Management

  • Organising the workforce – organisation structures and designs
  • Organising work
  • Organising for innovation
  • Organising for engagement
  • Reorganising – managing change
  • Organising communications
  • Organising yourself – the manager’s role

Control in Management

  • Organisational control
  • Managing quality
  • Managing risk

Part Three – Functional Management: Marketing, Operations Management, HRM, Financial and IT

Marketing Management

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • The marketing mix: product and price
  • The marketing mix: distribution
  • The marketing mix: promotion
  • Customer-oriented marketing approaches

Operations Management

  • Managing the procurement function
  • Managing the logistics function
  • Managing the operations function
  • Operations technology


  • Human resource management
  • Resourcing: recruitment, selection and appointment
  • Performance management and human resource development
  • The employment relationship
  • International human resource management

Financial Aspects of Management

  • Financial and management accounting – an introduction
  • Budgeting process, pricing and capital investment decisions

Information Resource Management

  • The role of information technology and business information systems
  • Managing information systems

Part Four – Global Management

  • Global management
  • Managing globally


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Management Theory and Practice, 8th edition, G.A. Cole and Phil Kelly, Cengage Learning EMEA.

Alternative Text and Further Reading:

Understanding Organisations, 4th edition, C. Handy, Penguin.

Management: An Introduction, 6th edition, 2014, David Boddy, Pearson.

Management & Organisational Behaviour, 10th edition, 2013, Laurie J. Mullins with Gill Christy, Pearson.