Jurisprudence - Main Topics of Study

  • The nature of jurisprudence
  • Language and the law
  • Law as an argumentative attitude
  • The nature of morality
  • The obligation to obey the law
  • Utilitarianism
  • The economic analysis of law
  • Early legal positivism – The Command Theory
  • Constitutional legal positivism – Kelsen’s Theory
  • Modern positivism
  • Natural law
  • Sociological jurisprudence
  • American realism
  • Scandanavian realism
  • Historical jurisprudence
  • Anthropological jurisprudence
  • The origins of marxism and its application in real societies
  • Contemporary marxism
  • Feminist jurisprudence
  • Arguments about justice
  • John Rawls
  • Robert Nozick
  • Ronald Dworkin’s Theory of Justice
  • The Common Law Tradition
  • Dworkin’s Law as Integrity
  • The Analysis of Rights
  • Legal Personality

Stress will be placed on theory, argument and analysis rather than on case law.


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Jurisprudence: The Philosophy of Law – Doherty (Old Bailey Press)