International Retailing - Main Topics of Study

  • The nature and characteristics of the International operation.
  • Needs, problems and opportunities.
  • Reasons for overseas expansion.
  • Methods of exporting and internationalising the business.
  • International competitive, cultural and marketplace considerations.
  • International marketing, logistics and operations.
  • Management Issues.


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

International Retailing: Trends and Strategies - McGoldrick, PJ (1996) London. Pitman.

Alternative Texts and Further Reading:

The Internationalisation of Retail. - Akehurst, G and Alexander, N (1996) - London. Frank Cass.

How to Turn your Business into the Next - Duckett, B, Monaghan, P (2007) - Global Brand Oxford, ‘How to..’ books (Journal) Oxford