International Marketing Research - Main Topics of Study

Export Markets

  • The nature of export markets
  • How many markets to choose?

What Influences Market Selection?

  • Market potential
  • The degree of adaptation required
  • Accessibility of markets
  • Dangers of fragmentation of effects

Making the Selection Decision

  • Collecting information and seeking advice
  • Visiting markets
  • A strategy for international marketing

Why is Market Research Needed?

  • Market and investment planning
  • Development of products to fit different markets
  • Choosing the appropriate marketing mix
  • Forecasting

Sources of Information

  • Internal records
  • External desk research
  • Field research

Methods of Collecting Information

  • Desk research
  • Interviews
  • Observations
  • Test marketing
  • Questions and questionnaires
  • Sampling techniques

The Market Research Brief

  • Using in-house staff
  • Using a market research agency
  • Preparing the Brief

Questions and Questionnaires

  • The objectives of the survey
  • The target respondent
  • Types of questions
  • Forms of questions
  • Pre-coding questions
  • Editing of answers

The Export Marketing Plan

  • Setting the objectives
  • Resources required to meet objectives
  • Sales and profit targets to meet objectives

Monitoring and Control of the Plan

  • Periodic checks on performance against targets

Numerical and Statistical Analysis

  • Presentation of data by graph, chart and diagram
  • Analysis of national world markets
  • Calculating market share
  • Comparative performance


  • Sales budgets
  • Market research budget
  • Other types of budgets

Some Other Numerical and Statistical Aspects

  • Use of averages


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Principles of International Marketing Research – L W J Groves (Blackwell Publishers)