Framework for Successful Health & Safety Management - Main Topics of Study


  • Role of the health and safety policy
  • 3 key elements of a comprehensive health and safety policy
  • Setting targets
  • The impact of effective health and safety policies on business thinking – corporate strategy and social responsibility, finance, human resources, marketing, product design and product liability, manufacturing and operating policy
  • Information management and systems.

Organising for health and safety

  • Management control through commitment
  • Key personnel and their duties
  • Cooperation through communication
  • Consultation and committee
  • Employee, management and contractor competence
  • Principals of training
  • Training matrix development

Planning and implementing

  • Precautions at key stages of the business process
  • Risk control systems through input, process and output
  • Planning for safety management systems
  • Implementing safety management systems

Measuring performance 

  • Active monitoring
  • Reactive monitoring
  • Comprehensive investigation and response systems
  • Prioritising and implementing action plans

Auditing and reviewing performance

  • Why audit?
  • Methods of audit
  • Methods of reviewing performance
  • Key performance indicators


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Introduction to Health & Safety at Work: Hughes & Ferrett, Taylor & Francis

Alternative Texts and Further Reading: 

Successful Health and Safety Management - HSE Books HSG65 - ISBN 978 0 7176 1276 5