Financial Management - Main Topics of Study

The Construction of Financial Statements

  • Company accounts
  • Cash-flow statements

Using Accounting Information

  • Accounting ratios
  • Accounting standards

Management Accounting

  • Marginal costing
  • Budgeting
  • Capital investment appraisal

Sources of Business Finance

  • Long-term sources of finance
  • Short-term sources of finance

Mergers and Takeovers

  • Reasons for growth via horizontal, vertical, or conglomerate integration
  • Financing of growth
  • The construction of basic group accounts

Capital Markets

  • The function of stock exchanges
  • Share and bond issues
  • Rights and bonus issues


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Finance & Accounting – R Giles (ICM)

Note: There is no single textbook that covers the syllabus. Finance and Accounting by Richard Giles can be used as a basic source book but must be supplemented by further reading from websites or textbooks such as Accounting for Non-Accounting Students (J R Dyson) and Business Accounting (F Wood).

Alternative texts and Further Reading:

Accounting for Non-Accounting Students – J R Dyson (Prentice Hall)

Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 2 – Wood & Sangster (Pitman)