Financial Decision Making - Main Topics of Study

This is not available as a Single Subject. This is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management subject.

Decision making

Finance based concepts and theories related to short-term decision making, to include relevant cost evaluation, opportunity costing and pricing

Corporate objectives

Finance based concepts and theories supporting the selection of long-term strategies to fulfil corporate objectives. Examples would be the Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Management Accounting, Capital Investment Appraisal and Overhead Recovery (Activity Based Costing versus traditional).

Budgetary control

Evaluation of the theory and practices relating to the role and effectiveness of budgetary control systems.

Recommended Reading

Main Text:

John R Dyson, (2010), Accounting for Non-Accounting Students, FT Prentice Hall

Alternative texts:

Financial Decision Making Course Reader, 2006: Pearson Publishers.

Drury, C., (2004). Management and Cost Accounting, 6th edition, Thomson Learning.

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Journals to Include

  • Accountancy Age
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Journal of Accountancy
  • Journal of Contemporary Accounting Research