Customer Service Management in Sport - Main Topics of Study

Definitions and Importance of Customer Service Focus on the Customer

  • A definition of what is excellent customer service and who are the customers?
  • The “gaps model of service quality”
  • The importance of excellent customer service and the impact of poor customer service
  • Consumer behaviour in services
  • Customer expectations of service and the “zone of tolerance” model
  • Customer perceptions of service and service encounters

Understanding Customer Requirements

  • Measuring service quality
  • Determining customer service requirements and views on the current service using, for example, SERVQUAL surveys, critical incident surveys, mystery shopping, customer panels, focus groups etc
  • Using skills such as active listening, assertiveness training, establishing rapport, etc

Delivering and Performing Service

  • The “Services Marketing Triangle”
  • Employees’ roles. Customers’ roles
  • Delivering services through intermediaries and electronic channels
  • Service recovery options and the handling of complaints


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