Contemporary Strategic Management: Main Topics of Study

This is not available as a Single Subject. This is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management subject.

Strategic Audit Techniques:

Environmental Analysis, Resource Analysis, Portfolio analysis, Organisational Culture and Structure

Strategic Issues Identification:

Prioritisation, Scenario Planning, Planning and decision making

Strategic Issues:

Globalisation, Change Management, Organisational Learning, Information Management, Competitive Advantage, Leadership, Innovation

Strategic Action:

Option Generation and Evaluation, Generic Strategies, Implementation

Recommended Reading

Indicative Reading for this Unit:

Main Text:

Johnson, G. & Scholes, K. Exploring Strategy: texts and cases, 9th Ed.

Alternative texts

Lynch, R. (2005) Corporate Strategy, 3rd Ed., Financial Times, Prentice Hall
Mazzucato, M. (Ed.).(2002) Strategy for Business: a reader, Sage
Mullins, L.(2005) Management and Organizational Behaviour, 7th Ed., Financial Times, Prentice Hall.
Segal-Horn (Ed.). (2004) The Strategy Reader , 2nd Ed., Blackwell.